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Estate Sales/Liquidation Services in the RGV: What We’ll Do for You:

Estate sale services and liquidation are our area of expertise. During the difficult time of liquidating a loved one’s estate, you have many things to worry about. Consequently, you shouldn’t have to worry about organizing, packing, and donating. We’ll do that for you.

Estate Sales by Riverzedge, LLC of the RGV conducts every estate sale services with two objectives. First, we attempt to sell every available item. Second, we strive to maximize the proceeds from the estate sale.

We are committed to the following as part of our estate liquidation services in the RGV:

  • First, our team organizes and displays all items at the estate sale/liquidation as space allows. In addition, to a limited extent we clean the area where the estate sale is to be conducted. We dispose of all items that cannot be sold.
  • Next, our employees assess and price items using price stickers, tags or signs that we provide. Naturally, since our fee is a percentage of the gross sales, we strive to get top dollar for your items.
  • Riverzedge arranges appropriate advertising for the estate sale/liquidation. Advertising will include email notifications, posts on, text blasts, social medial including Facebook, a post on our our website, and days-of-sale professional street signage (if permitted by city ordinance). We may also use print media.
  • An adequate number of honest and experienced employees will work the estate sale, including bilingual personnel.
  • We provide options for dispersing all unsold items remaining at the end of the estate sale and will assist in the process so that the home is completely cleared out.
  • At the end of the estate sale/liquidation, we broom-sweep the house and leave it empty.
  • Lastly, records of the proceeds of the estate sale are open to you during the estate liquidation sale and for three business days after, including an itemized spreadsheet of all transactions. Afterward, within five business days after the estate sale, Estate Sales by Riverzedge will deliver a check to you for the full amount of the net proceeds payable to you.

What We Respectfully Ask of You:

  • Remove all items that you wish to keep, including personal papers, photographs, and confidential records.
  • Do not disconnect water or electricity until after the estate sale.
  • Please do not throw anything away.
  • Don’t sort, rearrange, or remove anything except those items that you will be keeping.

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