“Thank you so much for another successful sale.  It has been a real blessing to have you help!” –Ernie R., McAllen

“Thanks so much to your entire team for all the hard work you do. I really do appreciate you making my move so much easier. I am pleased with the outcome and will make sure to recommend you to my friends.” –Terri J., Mission/San Antonio 

“Wow, we are amazed at results as never imagined it was going to go this well. You all did a great job and will definitely be referring your business to our friends in need of this same circumstance.” –Richard C., Mission

“It looks good and we are very happy with the results.” –John H., Mission/Flower Mound

“Thank you so much for the spreadsheet and for conducting the estate sale for our family. We appreciate your services and will pass on your business information to family and friends.” –R.L., Mission/Edinburg

“Andrew and Jane, all I can say is wow, thank you very much! From the first meeting we liked everything y’all said and even more you did what you said and we appreciate that…Thanks for everything.” –Patrick R., McAllen/Houston

“Andrew and Jane, great job!  Thanks so much for all you’ve done.  Your organized way of doing things, great communication, and open and honest manner make working with you a genuine pleasure.” –Chris R., McAllen/Houston

“Good Morning! We all thank you for a great well done estate sale…Thank you again!  Isabel and Sal are amazing!!!  Great crew!” —P.W., McAllen 

“We are so thankful for your careful and respectful way you handled our Mother’s Estate sale.” –Debbie D., Mission

“…I appreciate the wonderful service you and your wife provided our family.”–W.S., Bay View

“I am very pleased with the sale and the job of cleaning out the house.  It was a pleasure working with you, Jane & your staff.”–D.D., McAllen

“Thank you for everything you all did to organize the sale. We are very pleased with how smoothly everything went. Some of our family members were there and informed us of how well everything was laid out. We will recommend you all for sure…thanks again for everything!” –Teresa T., McAllen/Oklahoma

“You all did a super job in running the estate sale, we are so appreciate of your efforts to make it a total success. We will certainly pass on to any of our family and friends who when they need to do an estate sale to give you all a call.”  –Anid D., Mission/Austin

“We…are very much satisfied with the results. Thank you for the excellent service provided.” –Conrado B., Brownsville/San Antonio

“Thank you Andrew.  This is great news!…We greatly appreciate all you, Jane and your team did to make this a seamless and successful event for our family.” –Yvonne T., McAllen

 “Looks like the sale was a huge success. Thank you guys for everything.” –Paula M., Mission/Victoria

“After reviewing the spreadsheet, I can say the sale exceeded my expectations also…Thanks again for all your help.” –Chris S., Laguna Vista/Ohio

“Andrew: Looks like you had a very good sale, but better than I had even hoped…Thanks so much for your professionalism.  I made a good decision asking you and your wife to help me with this.” –Bill T., McAllen/Sea Brook

“Wow! Thank y’all so much! Everything looks great…We will highly recommend y’all to any and everyone.” –Jason W., McAllen/Corpus Christi

“Andrew and Jane, thanks so much for assisting me with this process…GREAT SALE!” –Dr. Laura M., McAllen

“I did not know what to expect from this sale, so I am quite pleased.  Thank you to you and your team for all the work you did to help my mother in this transition… Thank you again!  I have heard that you conducted this sale very professionally and for that I am also grateful.”  –Barbara P., Alamo/Minnesota

“Many thanks for all of your hard work to make this sale happen successfully…Again, thank you for all of  your help.” –Leigh W., McAllen

“Isabel and Sal were wonderful you have a very courteous hard working employees. Thank them and their son for working so hard.” — Lydia O., McAllen/Bandera

“Thank you, for doing a great job on the sale.” –Arthur N., McAllen/Florida

“Mr. Smith thank you so much for the successful estate sale. Mom is beyond pleased! We will highly recommend your services!” –Karen M., Edinburg

“Hi Andrew. I just wanted to personally thank you and your wife for doing such a fine and professional job with my mother’s belongings. You made things very easy and convenient for me and my brother and sister. Continued success. Thanks again.” –Jeff T., McAllen/New York

“Wow! Thanks for all the energy, time, & expertise it took to make this happen.” –Janet G., McAllen

“Wow, we are happily surprised! Thank you for doing a professional job on this estate sale and getting this huge task done for us, so we can move forward on the next step…Thanks again for a great sale, we look forward to seeing y’all sometime soon and following Riverzedge Estate Sales in the future. Good luck and be safe, please add (us) to your mailing list.” –Michael S., Edinburg/San Antonio

“Thank you for all of your work in making this sale a success!” –Bryan H., Edinburg/Albuquerque

“Thank you for the information. I am very pleased with the outcome.” –Theresa B., Mission/Plano

“Hi Andrew and Jane. Thank you for making our first experience with an “estate sale” a positive one.  We will definitely be spreading the word.  Again, thank you for everything!”  –Mari V., Mission/McAllen

“Andrew and Jane, what an amazing surprise to see the final outcome of the incredible sale you and your team organized. I nearly fell off my chair after seeing the proceeds! It was far beyond what I expected. To say your team was “professional” is almost an understatement. You went above and beyond in assuring that we were continuously informed, and that there were no worries for us. Thank you so much, I will always be available as a reference to your AMAZING team!”  –Nydia G., Mission/McAllen

“Thank you so much! It was wonderful to have you do the sale and have a personal connection to my Dad. You really went above and beyond…and we appreciate all the care you took in doing this.” –Laura K., McAllen/Austin

“…but want you to know you guys helped us out alot!  We’re grateful.” –David A., McAllen

“Andrew and Jane, We were very pleased with the results. All appeared to go smoothly…It was our pleasure doing business with you.  –Kathy and Roger L., McAllen

“I am extremely pleased with the results. I will recommend you to all my friends and neighbors.” –Glen B., McAllen

“Thank you. You are very professional. It was a pleasure working with you!” –Martha W., McAllen

Good job…! Once again, thank you for a job well done! –Delia T., McAllen/California

“Great news about the sale!  We really weren’t sure what to expect from the sale, not knowing what y’all normally price things at. We are all very pleased!” –Barbara S., McAllen/College Station

“Well, as my mom would say, “woo hoo!!!”.  Really happy and even happier that it is all over and I don’t have to worry over all of that stuff.” –Sherry P., McAllen/Michigan

“The house on Ithaca looks incredible. Unbelievable. Isabel and Sal are the best!! What a great team you and Jane make with them. Thanks again.” –Diane M., McAllen

“Wow! Sam and I want to thank you for the great/awesome job on our auction and move. We could not have asked for better partners. Please don’t ever hesitate to use us as a reference. Again, thanks.”  –Sam & Sharon M., McAllen/Ohio

“We’re both shocked! We had no idea all those items would sell for as much as they did. (We) are exceedingly pleased with the wonderful job you all did. Thank you so much for all your efforts on the sale. Once again, thanks so much for a great job!” –Rick H., McAllen/Georgetown

“Everything looks great!  Thank you both so much for doing an amazing job.” Beth A., McAllen

“Always advertising, great pics and map to indicate where your sales are. This home was Awesome! Thank you” –Maria S., McAllen

“WOW!!! That’s amazing!… I really appreciate all you guys have done! Job well done!!” –Adriana G., McAllen

“…the sale went better than I expected and am happy that others have now given new homes to many of the items my parents collected over their 50 years of marriage. ..thank you both for the time, consideration and care given to this incredible job. Please feel free to use us as a reference.” –Pam V., Weslaco/Austin 

“You guys did an awesome job! I will recommend you any time we have an estate and they are looking for someone to handle a sale…you guys were awesome.” –Cindy C., Harlingen/McAllen

“Just saw the Email spread sheet. I want to thank you for all you guys have done for me. I am surprised you were able to get that much out of so little.  You’re amazing.” –Billy B., McAllen

“Thanks very much.  Good job!” –Nenette M., McAllen

“…I think you both did an awesome job dealing with what you had to deal with! Thanks for all of your HOT, hard work.” –Cindy C., Harlingen/McAllen

“Big thanks to you, Jane, and your staff for all your hard work…It’s been great working with you and if there’s any way I can leave a positive review please let me know.” –Adam V., Pharr/Denver

You did such a great job! Can’t thank you enough and how this will help my daughter and I.” –Kay B., McAllen

“Thank you all for all your hard work! You all have a great team! Sure made this an easy process for us.” — Terry M., Mission

“You all have gone above & beyond & made this process easier. I will spread the word of your business to all.” –Nancy L., McAllen

“WOW!  Can’t thank you enough… Bless you both and your wonderful crew.” –William B., McAllen 

“Wow, this is a great sale…Thank you so much, y’ all have been wonderful. Thank you again for everything. You were both a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend you!” —Catherine W., Laguna Vista/Austin

“We are very pleased with the sale and especially how professional you handled all of it.  And we’re glad that you are happy since you did all the work.  If you ever need a reference, we would be happy to provide one.” –Jackie E., McAllen/Kansas

“Thank you Andrew and Jane. I’m so impressed with your work. Please mark me down as a reference for future clients.” –Veronica B., Weslaco/Addison

“Really enjoy Andrew and Jane’s sunny personalties and willingness to negotiate. Fantastic customer service. Always!” –Ricardo A., McAllen

“…you guys work really hard and are very organized and savvy. Thanks again for doing a splendid job.  I had no idea what to expect, but I’m quite happy with the result.”  —Scott A., McAllen/Houston

“My thanks to Isabel for her honesty and integrity. You are all a class act!” –Jackie N., Brownsville/Austin

“Dear Jane and Andrew, we are extremely pleased with the sale. We had so many neighbors call us during the sale and tell us how great a job you were doing and how impressed they were with the sale. We were the talk of the neighborhood. We also have a contract on the house “as is” so it was a really good sale for us.” –Sue W., Mission

“I do appreciate your professionalism. I know we picked the perfect company for our liquidation! You and your wife did an amazing job!” –Carrie S., Mission/Houston

“Great job” –-Linda N., McAllen

“Just a brief note to thank you for your services. Your professionalism was much appreciated. Be aware that I will recommend you at every opportunity.” –Alvin S., McAllen

“These people are amazing! Absolutely wonderful to work with.Very professional. We do not live in the Harlingen area but were tasked with liquidating a very, very large estate—lots and lots of furnishings and knick knacks plus an entire 4 car garage filled to the brim with tools etc. They met with us ahead of time and made us feel at ease that they could handle the job. They were efficient and thorough. Kept us up to date on the progress and handled all details from start to finish. We were very pleased with the results. They were able to sell every single item and left the home spotless when done. I would highly recommend them.” –Chris W., Harlingen/Austin

“Riverzedge did a GREAT job selling our family estate in McAllen. It worked just as they said it would, and they had a great feel for pricing things right. Highly recommended!” –David A., McAllen/Denver

“Thanks again for all of your diligence on this estate. I know I mentioned this to you before, but I called three different estate sale companies in that area including yours. The professionalism and timeliness with which you responded to my questions, both on the phone and through emails, made me decide to use your company and I’m very glad that I did!” –Craig L., Mission/Oregon

“We are happy with the results of the sale and appreciate you putting it all together.  I will certainly recommend you to any of my valley friends who might need your services.” –Darice A., Alamo/Houston

“I am pleased with the outcome of the sale. I also appreciate all of the hard work and professionalism of your crew.” –Karen S., Brownsville

“I can not thank Andrew & Jane enough for their assistance & professionalism in organizing & staging my Mother’s estate sale. With so many other difficult decisions at a difficult time to worry about, they took a major burden off of my mind and I will be forever grateful. They are fair and honest people who go the extra mile for their clients and I can not recommend them and Riverzedge highly enough.” –Fred V., Brownsville


“Thank you so much for all your help! Awesome job!” –Lana K., Alamo

“Thank you Jane and Andrew for your services!” –Christina I., McAllen/San Antonio

“I just opened it!! Yes!!! Thank you for all you did to make it a success!” –Sharon F., McAllen

“Thanks for all your work on the estate sale of Mary’s household–it is appreciated!”  –Tom V., Pharr/Wisconsin

“We really appreciate all your efforts!” –Russell M., McAllen/California

“Thank you for all the details, Andrew. So happy so much sold!”  –Leslie J., McAllen

“Thanks for your efforts. Very happy with all of this including outcome.”  –Wes K., McAllen

“Very kind to people !”  –Brenda S.
“The lady in charge of the cashier box, Kindly asked a lady directly behind me to please step back and allow for social distancing. I thought this was very considerate of her considering the times in which we live. Many thank you’s!” –Carmen M., McAllen

“Always friendly. Always professional. ALWAYS.” –Carmen G., McAllen

“Prices were nice and maybe we were there at the right time(it wasn’t too crowded) & it felt safer with the current pandemic issue.” –Alicia Z., McAllen
“Another great sale. Thank you.” –Nancy P., McAllen
“Everything is always perfect! Pricing, social distancing, professionalism, assistant help; this is why we keep coming back.” –Carmen G., McAllen

“Staff is Very patient and Helpful So is their Attentiveness to the customers” — Mary Lou D., Harlingen

“Always a pleasure to see you people. And find some good stuff! Thanks !!  –Ana R., McAllen

“Simply the best Estate Sale Co. In the RGV! 😊” —Nancy P., McAllen

“The Estate Dealer was professional and my item purchase ‘d was as seen on the photos!” –Roxanne G., San Antonio

“Professional employees.” –Leonela C., McAllen

“Always friendly!” –Brian J., McAllen

“Five star operation.” — Lois R., McAllen

“Always courteous and helpful!!!” –Mario G., McAllen

“Great staff.” –Roger L., McAllen

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