Personal Property Appraisal Services

personal property appraisal servicesOccasionally, clients have a need to have the entire contents of a household appraised, without liquidating it at that time. This is called a personal property appraisal.

To start, both Andrew and Jane are certified by Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA). Together, Andrew and Jane will consult with you. For a flat fee, they will conduct a detailed inventory of all items in the home and on the property.

The inventory will include the item descriptions, locations, and an assessment of the fair market value of each item. A copy of the appraisal details will be provided to you along with a summary of the appraisal method used.

Andrew G. Smith, C.A.G.A., and Jane Smith, CAGA, are certified and can professionally conduct your personal property appraisal.

The Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA or the Guild):

CAGA is an organization providing certification of personal property appraisers.

Missouri Auction School (founded in 1905) is the parent company of the Guild.  CAGA has been helping to standardize the personal property appraisal profession. Accordingly, it is recognized in all 50 states and Canada.

Our personal property appraisal services include personal property appraisals for the following purposes:

  • estate
  • tax
  • insurance
  • donations
  • divorce
  • bankruptcy

How We Do It:

We conduct personal property appraisals on-site. We work quietly and efficiently in a two-man team. Andrew photographs items. Jane takes notes to assist in the evaluation. We leave the home as we found it. Usually, this hands-on part of the personal property appraisal takes one day or less. However, a personal property appraisal for a very large estate may require more than one visit.

First, Andrew and Jane will research any items that may require it. If we find a rare or extremely valuable item, we will bring it to your attention. Additionally, we may suggest seeking the opinions of experts for that item. In particular, we may do this if you want to sell the item  in the future.

Next, you will receive a detailed report of the entire contents of the house. The report will include the fair market value in a total dollar amount. In addition, the report will have an appendix that lists each item, its value, and its location in the house. Andrew and Jane will provide a professional, personal property appraisal packet that includes the report and list of items.  Moreover, the packet will include a DVD or thumb drive with photographs of all items.

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